Oh Wow! You made a Study Routine! How do you stick to it?

Oh Wow! You made a Study Routine! How do you stick to it?

Before beginning with a project or a task, it is often the first step that is the most difficult one. We are held back by our own assumptions and fears of failing, although we all possess the capability to complete a task. Now that you have taken the effort to create an elaborate study routine for yourself, the key is to adhere to it and follow it diligently. Your aim could be to top your class or crack a tough entrance exam, so sticking to the routine is the only way to get there. Remember, there will be enough distractions along the way and you will have to dig in deep and focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

Before you learn about the ways that will help you to stick to your routine, let us explore why a routine is important to succeed at the highest level. A study routine is an essential part of building discipline into your schedule and will keep you focussed on your goals. If procrastination is a habit you want to shrug off at the earliest, a routine will ensure you remain on track for a long time. You can say goodbye to all-nighters and unlimited cups of coffee, struggle to stay awake, as a well-designed study routine will aid you to utilize your waking hours more effectively. Just like you need assignment help to assess your projects, essays and coursework, similarly it doesn’t hurt to get support while planning a study routine.

  1. Focus on Detail

If your study planner is meticulous and emphasises on details, you are more likely to succeed in sticking to it. While the study plan should encompass every area of your syllabus, remember to pay special attention to your weak areas, instead of working on your strengths. Imagine going to the gym and working out on building biceps, while your burgeoning midriff is the area that needs attention. By creating a study plan that is detailed, it keeps us from concentrating only on our stronger areas while ignoring the weak ones.

  1. Create the right environment

Finding or creating the ideal environment to study is crucial to understand and retain knowledge, so that it can be applied at exam time. It not only enhances your ability to remain focussed for an extended period of time, but is instrumental in meeting your goals. It could be useful if you choose to make a career as a micro-blogger as it needs prolonged focus. Many students like to study with music playing which is fine, as long as the volume and lyrics are not distracting you from your primary purpose. Ensure your study area is free of clutter and clean. Studying at the university/college library is quite motivational especially when one sees others studying diligently.

  1. Create an exercise plan

Students who are active and follow an exercise regime in areas where monitoring of air quality is a mandate, are more focused at the study desk and hence perform well at tests and exams. You can set aside a minimum of 30-45 minutes every day for a bicycle ride or an energetic walk with a friend. Walk to the gymnasium and get on to the treadmill and watch your focussing power improve dramatically. Don’t’ indulge in a highly-strenuous activity unless you want to doze off to sleep.

  1. Join or create a study group

When you play a team sport isn’t it wonderful when you have your team members egging you from the side-lines to do your best? Having a study group to keep each other motivated and helping each other at tough junctures is a great way of keeping spirits from sagging when the going gets tough.

Creating a routine is the best way to inculcate discipline and can be useful in other areas of life too. Get professional essay help if you are lagging in those areas and make it a part of your study routine.

  • Wake up early and begin your day with a quick jog or a walk across the park
  • Make sure you limit your late-night parties to the weekend
  • Maintain a proper diet and refrain from too much of fast-food and alcohol

Just like a study routine is the best way to focus on the tasks at hand, an exercise routine will keep your mind and body healthy and ready for the daily challenges that life throws at us. A disciplined individual is able to achieve much more in life as there is a time and place for study, work and fun.

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Mary Jones is Co-founder & Editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades and focused on Content Marketing Strategy for many clients from Education industry in US, Canada & UK. Have worked closely with many e-learning solution providers in helping them plan their content strategy and in auditing their campaign execution. Have intensive content editing experience and have worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. Promoting affordable tutoring for all students through a new-age tutor-cum-student platform, where tutors can help students with their academic needs. I have also authored blogs on Lifehack.org, Wn.com, Medium.com, Minds.com and many more digital publications.

The Reasons Why Financial Education is Important

The Reasons Why Financial Education is Important

The importance of financial literacy must be recognized by many people. Many people underestimate financial intelligence, while financial intelligence is the main provision for each person to become more prosperous and can meet the goals of his life. Money is not everything but everything needs money. This is an old saying that seems like it will continue to apply at any time.

Here is a quote from John W. Rogers, Jr. (principal investor and founder of Ariel Capital Management): “Financial literacy is just as important in life as the other basics.”
Have you read a newspaper or news on the Internet about a person or a group of people being deceived by the lure of a particular investment? Have you ever heard that your acquaintance is losing money in an investment and he blames the company? How do you comment on these events? What do you think the lessons we can take from these problems? This is the key to your understanding of the overall financial problem and without understanding the key you will ruin your whole life.

In essence, the above quote expresses the importance of financial literacy to human life. It’s just as important as the other sciences for survival. In the United States and almost all over the world there are many people who have not been taught about finance since elementary school. They will ultimately live life without understanding how they treat money and most of them will fall into serious financial problems. It is only a matter of time they will fall.

What do you get from school? As I recall, when I was in school, I was introduced to the laws of demand and supply, the types of markets, everything about micro and macro economics. I was new about the term investment and also insurance for the first time when I entered high school. It is sad to remember that situation as the understanding about finance greatly affects my life now and in the future. However I feel grateful that at least I have now mastered some important points of financial education.

Because of its important role, many schools now provide financial education as one of the basic education matters. They also burden the students with finance homework which, though impressed annoying, will ultimately be very useful to them (the disciples). If you are a student who is overwhelmed with finance homework, you have to learn about everything related to finance and thus you make yourself more adept step by step. However there are always conditions where you have to do finance homework while you have not understood the material and at the same time, you are pursued by the deadline. It is very difficult to find someone who can give finance homework help so looking for online help like assignment.essayshark.com/finance-help is the best solution to get academic result of good quality.

There are many reasons why intelligence is important, some of which are currently people can live longer and need to manage the money earned during their productive age to finance themselves when they enter non productive age. This is reinforced by the current fact that many financial companies and financial products offer investment opportunities that are unfortunately accompanied by high inflation figures. Unstable global financial conditions also demand long-term planning.


After reading this article I look forward to you to be really serious from now on to forge yourself with a variety of applicative financial knowledge that is not only useful for your academic graduation but also for your life as a whole. I hope.

Why Buy Essay Online is a Good Solution

Why Buy Essay Online is a Good Solution


Creating an essay is one method to train one’s intelligence therefore it is applied by various schools. Essay becomes mandatory since educational practitioners realize that this paper can stimulate creative ideas held by students. Some schools in the United States apply essay as an entrance exam, demonstrating the importance of the role of essay in educational standardization.
In social life essays are often used to convey certain political views and this is usually done by the mass media. For information, every mass media has its own political views and this is usually channeled to the public through essays. From this explanation we can conclude that essays are always needed, not limited to the scope of the academic world only.

Making an essay is indeed basically easy enough to do because the writer just has to express his opinions on a real problem and he should try to influence the reader as much as possible to agree on what he says (in his essay). Essay can be said to be the “channel of ideas” that the author uses. This is the essence of all kinds of essays we know so far.

To some extent, making essay is not as easy as we think about. Every writer needs to follow all the lines and rules that the academic world has agreed upon. This is the stage where many amateur writers fail. They fail because they have no basic writing skill which is of course required to write a quality and readable paper.

If you are a student then you can’t avoid essay during your education. You may have to wrestle for several weeks to make an essay that is good enough to read. You may have to work hard to arrange your course schedule to collect your essay on time. What a hard moment!

Buying an online essay is one of the most commonly adopted solutions and considering a solid lecture schedule, this is a very wise decision. You can find many sites on the Internet that offer essay writing services and what you should do is adjust your budget to the quality of the essay you want. Remember! Not all cheap essays are of poor quality, nor are all the expensive essays of good quality. You are advised to compare between one service with another to find the best one. Best here is best in terms of cost and also in terms of quality and speed of delivery.

To be honest, we have reviewed some essay writing sites and we pursue them on some really deserving sites. Buyessay is the name that often appears on every search for the best essay writing services. This site, buyessay.org is the main reason why it is not bad if you want to buy an essay online.


Buying an online essay is the lifestyle of today that began with the realization that not everyone has the ability to create quality papers. Yes! Everyone is capable of writing but creating a quality papers is another matter. Essay is very important and you can not underestimate this.

By purchasing an online essay you will get your essay on time and you can complete other tasks, making sure your academic journey does not have any serious problems. You can put your ideas in big way and leave them to staff who will help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Make sure you get communication access whenever you want it because at this point you can make sure you have chosen the most appropriate essay writing service.




U-Way Displayed The Latest Wireless Charging Products and Modules

Taipei Wireless Power Consortium Meeting And Tradeshow

U-Way Displayed The Latest Wireless Charging Products and Modules

Past August 29th to September 1th, the regular meeting of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was held in Taipei, located in Taipei Grand Mayfull Hotel . Different from the previous closed meeting, WPC added 2 activities for Non-members which were Qi Wireless Power Tradeshow and Qi Developer Forum.

The Developer Forum attracted a large number of company representatives from different industries. During the forum, the WPC invited pioneer members to give presentations and speak to share the newest technology, working theories, product development experience, Qi certification and how to apply the technology to products.

One of the speakers, Promise Cheng, Executive Vice President of U-WAY Corporation (www.uwaycorp.com), shared his valuable experience in Qi certification system. He shared the importance of Qi certification, the procedure and how to recognize Qi products. Promise Cheng emphasized that Qi Certified products have been tested for compatibility and safety, while the Qi logo is the sign as certification. It is the best way to protect the end-users and the product developer.

The most attractive part of his speech was procedure of Qi registration. His company, U-Way Corporation is one of the Pioneer members of WPC for more than six years and successfully certified over 300 products (Include U-way and customer products). From his company’s experience, he summarized the registration process and key points for Qi Certification. That will help many entrepreneurs avoid unnecessary waste of time and money, and ease the process of certification, which is worth learning directly by many companies.

Promise Cheng’s topic received a lot of interest, and attracted many entrepreneurs to come to learning with his on the WPC tradeshow in the second day (September 1st). Even some entrepreneurs have a in-depth discussion of wireless charging technology with him.

During the tradeshow, U-WAY one-stop displayed its latest wireless charging technology and products. The most eye-catching are the “Magic Pocket” series Qi wireless charging bags, which is a great innovation combining fashion and technology. And using PU and ABS material,all handmade with soft and waterproof surface, safety and practical. What’s more, with simple usage, easy to hang in all kinds of bags, or placed at the bottom of the bag, or carry by hand, fashionable and stylish.

The special of the “Magic Pocket” its unique design.With automatic touch sensor, automatic wireless charging while phone storing in, auto-power off while taking out the phone, then energy saving and environmental protection. Meanwhile, built-in 5200mAh lithium battery and wireless charging to more than 100skus Qi standard mobile phones, including S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge + Note5, iPhone 8 . From now on, say goodbye to charging cables.

As WPC Qi first professional module supplier, U-WAY displayed all kinds of 5W, 10W &15W TX&RX wireless charging modules on the tradeshow. Simply apply them in a variety of products, then the product will with wireless charging transmitting or receiving function. One of the modules, called three coil modules can provide with larger charging area, no need to precise alignment, freely drop and charge! Optimistic about the wide application of wireless charging modules,U-WAY assist the brand launch integrated wireless charging products. In the future, there will be more and more amazing wireless charging products in our life.

U-way’ roadmap is vigorously developing Qi certified wireless charging transmitter and receiving module, and encouraging various industries cooperate with wireless charging industries to create cross-border products. In future, no matter the furniture industry, household appliance industry, speaker industry, automobile industry, camera industry, medical equipment industry, and even other special technology industries, will be able to easily use Qi wireless charging technology through U-way modules.

About U-way Corporation

U-Way was established in 1995, a Taiwanese-based OEM/ODM manufacturer who is an authorized Apple MFi 6.4 Manufacturing Licensee member as well as a full member of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). U-Way is specialized in researching, developing and supplying varies of Qi wireless power products, solutions and Apple MFi accessories to meet the rapid growing worldwide market demand. U-way has a strong and experienced research and developing team, they always develop new products according to market demand, and also strictly comply with international quality management system of ISO-9001, seeking to offer customers most realiable products

U-way Corporation
Address: 3F-2, No.125, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Ro, Hsintien City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Address: Building D, 6F-2, No. 81, Sec. 1, Xintai Wu Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:(+886)02- 26989700

Address: Room 1126, LanKun Building, No. 213, Mingkan Road, Mingzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, China
Tel:(+886)0755- 82916972

Climbing Kilimanjaro through the Northern Circuit route: overview, map, ranges

The Northern Circuit – the newest and yet least known route to climbers ascending Kilimanjaro. This unique route goes around the entire Kibo volcano and ends with the conquest of Kilimanjaro. At an altitude of over five thousand meters above sea level you will  experience breathtaking natural power and behold beautiful landscapes, while getting an opportunity to witness the unique eternal ice, signs of volcanic activity and experience the sense of absolute freedom standing at the peak of one of the most superb natural attractions.

The very first ascent of Kilimanjaro was carried out by Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtcheller in 1889. The first public route was opened in 1932 after the construction of the storm shelter of Kibo Hut. It passed through the Gilman point to the peak of Uhuru (5895 m).

In 1977 Kilimanjaro was declared a national park, opened to the public and modern routes were formed. Currently, there are seven popular routes: the Northern Circuit, Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Rongai, Umbwe and Shira which are strictly regulated by the administration of the National Parks of Tanzania (TANAPA) to ensure the safety of climbers and the preservation of the unique ecological complex of Kilimanjaro.

How to choose a conquest route of Kilimanjaro?

Many climbers may have difficulty choosing a conquest route. The first consideration is the visual aspect – whether it is picturesque enough, then its complexity, capacity and the characteristics of high-altitude acclimatization. According to estimations tourists climb the routes of Kilimanjaro in the following percentages: Machame (45%), Marangu (40%), Lemosho (8%), Rongai (5%), Shira (1%), Northern Circuit (0%) and Umbwe (0%). The Kilimanjaro trek is not fully considered mountaineering, since the mountain is technically very simple and the actual obstacle for the conquest is the high-altitude acclimatization, which most tourists have little time for. Therefore, the longer the route, the better for the climber.

Route Min. Days Rec. Days Difficulty Scenery Traffic
Northern Circuit 9 9 high excellent very low
Lemosho Route 6 8 high excellent medium
Rongai Route 6 7 medium very good low
Machame Route 6 7 high excellent high
Shira Route 6 7 high excellent medium
Marangu Route 5 6 medium good high
Umbwe Route 5 7 very high very good very low

Why is the Northern Circuit the best route for the conquest of Kilimanjaro?

The longest routes for the conquest of Kilimanjaro are Lemosho and Northern Circuit. The Lemosho route is a rather popular one chosen by many beginning climbers. The traverse lies in Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit and is the newest, longest (98 km) and most fantastic route. So far, it is also the least visited route on Kilimanjaro. Although this route is gaining popularity among ordinary climbers, it has long been loved by professional photographers who have the opportunity to take stunning pictures while climbing. The path starts in the tropical forest on the western slope of the Shira plateau, runs along the northern part of the volcano and completes ascending along the eastern slope, skirting Kilimanjaro around 270 °. The Northern Circuit paths ascend takes 9 days. Of all routes from the conquest of Kilimanjaro this particular one has the highest success rates (90-95%), as the given time is enough for excellent acclimatization.

The high probability of successful height conquests, the incredible beauty of the scenery and the very low number of route visitors make Northern Circuit one of the best routes to Kilimanjaro.

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Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route

Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route

There are 6 standard authorized TANAPA routes for Kilimanjaro climbing and one special route for the descent. These are two tourist routes Machame and Marangu and the camping routes Lemosho, Shire, Umbwe and Rongai. The Rongai Route is the only itinerary that starts in the territory of Kenya, while others are restricted to the territory of Tanzania.

The climbers who opt for Marangu and Rongai have no other choice but descend on the Marangu route. As for the other 4 routes, there’s just one descent path which is called Mweka. Machame and Marangu are the operators’ favorites, since both feature “permit offices” at the gates and thus assume a less complicated procedure for acquiring permits and actually climbing.

Guides usually refer to the Machame Route as the most challenging one, compared to the Marangu route. This is not true, since each of them is challenging and interesting in its own way.

Distinctive Features of the Machame Route

If you are considering climbing Kilimanjaro via Machame Route, then you should know some interesting facts about this route:

– Machame is one of the most popular routes

– 6-7 days are allotted for climbing, to guarantee better acclimatization

– The route from the assault camp to Uhuru peak takes 6-6.5 hours

– The Machame Route is not equipped with sleeping booths, unlike the Marangu route. However, most Europeans prefer sleeping in tents, rather than in booths.

– For the descent the climbers take the Mweka route, which opens up more picturesque views to admire

Machame Route Description

Locals refer to the Machame route as “whisky”. One of the main reasons why climbers opt for it is the method of climbing. On the third day of climbing you leave the so-called Shira Hut at the level of 3840 meters and climb up to the Lava Tower which is located at 4630 meters. Further on you go down to the Barranco Camp (3860 meters). This is one of the most appropriate options for acclimatization on the way to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Below is the Machame route map on Kilimanjaro:

The climbers set out from a tropical forest and follow a well-equipped path which features waste channels on both sides. You will find decent restrooms at regular intervals along the entire route. On the last day of climbing you’ll find yourself at the so-called Leopard Point, located at the rim of the Kibo caldera at the height of 5650 meters. The place took its name from the mummified corpse of a leopard, found in that area.

The only downside of the route is its length, though a highly significant one. The route is 49 km long. In 6 day Kilimanjaro tours 7-9 hour transfers at high altitudes can exhaust even the most skilled and sophisticated climbers right before the assault. An additional 7th day can make the tour less challenging in terms of physical stress.

Many tourists are wondering about wildlife. On the Machame Route, just like on others you might hardly meet any representatives of the fauna, since they usually inhabit the woody areas so that they cannot be seen through the thick wilds. Those who wish to see wildlife should better take a safari tour to Tanzania’s national parks.


Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Tarangire National Park is located on the North of Tanzania not very far from the southeast of Lake Manyara, occupying 2850 sq km (110 sq miles). The park got its name from River Tarangire which crosses  the park through. In dry seasons it is the only freshwater source for many wild animals. The flora and views in Tarangire Park are unique for Tanzania with high-growing grass, bushes and Tamarind trees.

Tarangire National Park is believed to be one of the underestimated parks in Tanzania. Due to its location close to the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, just one day is allotted to safari in Tarangire National Park during the tour following the northern route.

Places of Interest in Tarangire Park

It should be noted that Tarangire Park is worth much more attention at least during the dry season (from July to October). The Park is famous for one of the largest colonies of long-liver baobabs. In dry seasons many herbivorous animals migrate to the river hoping to find rescue from drought. Troops of antelopes, zebras and buffalos hang about the parched river, triggering hunter instincts of lions and leopards who keep their eyes on them. One can find a great many elephants in Tarangire (about 300 according to specialists). They peacefully walk among baobab trees, dig up at the Tarangire’s riverbed in searches of humidity, meanwhile chasing away carnivores from their cubs.

Ornithologists will take great interest in the huge amount of nesting birds. The park is home to large African bustards – the largest flying birds among all presently existing, with mature males weighing up to 20 kg.

How to get to Tarangire?

If safari in Tanzania and beholding wildlife has been your long-cherished dream, you may use operators’ services or plan your trip on your own, addressing local companies offering safari tours in national parks once there. There are two options for getting to Tarangire Park; either as a member of an organized group of tourists or independently but only in a specially rented offroader. The access is formalized at the entrance, after which the entire territory is available for touring, keeping to the earthy track leading to the savanna. Leaving the cars in the territory of the park is strictly forbidden, so photos should be taken either from the interior of the car or from side windows.

Tarangire National Park Fees

Tarangire National Park Fees for non East African Citizens and Expatriates ($ US)


Tariffs for July 2017 – June 2018


Of or above the age of 16 years 45
Between the age of 5 and 15 years 15
Children below the age of 5 years free


Tarangire National Park Fees for Residents living in Tanzania ($ US)


Tariffs for July 2017-June 2018


Of or above the age of 16 years 22,5
Between the age of 5 and 15 years 7,5
Children below the age of 5 years free


Wild Jack online casino ticks all the right boxes

Global online gambling market stood at $ 37.91 billion in the year 2015. This figure is expected to rise up to $ 59.79 billion by the year 2020. There are many factors that go into the making of an excellent online casino, which in a broader sense implies a delightful iGaming experience along with top-of-the-industry security protocols. Selecting a good online casino is no easy task. You must do ample research and put in careful thought before signing up with anyone, as there are many scamming portals out there. However, if you play real money slots at Wild Jack online casino, you’d know what online casino gaming experience should actually be like. This casino was founded in the year 1999, and offers an exciting, safe and fun environment for all gambling enthusiasts. Let’s find out which right boxes this casino ticks (among many) to deserve such status.


Credibility is a very crucial aspect for all online gamers. People invest their time and money into a casino only if it offers them a credible enough environment. This factor is all the more critical considering that there have been plenty of scamming and fraudulent online casinos in the past that have duped innocent customers. Hence, it’s always better to carry out some research before signing up with any platform. One should dig deeper into the background of the casino and ensure that it’s licensed in a well-known jurisdiction. Furthermore, it should clearly specify its address, phone and email details on its website.


Wild Jack online casino is a highly credible platform that has been in business for over 17 years now. It is licensed by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), and has obtained eCOGRA Safe and Fair Certificate certifications. What this means is that the games offered at Wild Jack are all fair and that the casino operates with plenty of responsibility and honesty. Furthermore, it uses up-to-date technology, and a good variety of procedures and methods to safeguard its customers’ details.


Good casino gaming software

A good online casino would normally offer a well-tested and well-known software on its platform, featuring the best animation, themes, sounds and graphics. The quality of the casino software is by far the biggest driving force of online casinos throughout the world. It determines whether the users will be able to play without any glitches or not. While a majority of online casinos use licensed software of other big developers, some develop their own as well. Wild Jack online casino does very well in this department too. Its games are available for both the desktop as well as mobile environments.

Reliable and safe banking options

This is another important criteria people look at while selecting online casinos. Customers should be provided with multiple payment/withdrawal options as well as a highly safe and secure environment for making those payments/withdrawals. Wild Jack online casino accepts a good variety of payment methods including all popular credit cards, debit cards, online payment options and eWallets. It uses banking methods and security controls that have been thoroughly tested and verified as per the top industry standards.


The Word Point Celebrates its 7,000th Translation Project

The Word Point Celebrates its 7,000th Translation Project

International translation service, The Word Point, has celebrated the end of its first year with the completion of its 7,000th project. Such a feat is almost unheard of in this highly competitive industry.

A Launch with Plenty of Pre-Planning

The island of Cyprus is a fascinating blend of old and new. From Byzantine churches and ancient port cities to thriving modern urban areas and membership in the EU, Cyprus is a study in contrasts. Here is where the owners of The Word Point decided to establish their international headquarters a few years ago and begin to accumulate a team of translators that, in their own words, would be second-to-none.

It took some time to find top-notch translators skilled in about 100 languages and with specialties in all types of personal, business, legal, technical, scientific, and e-commerce fields. Only then did they begin their worldwide marketing campaign and launch. The careful planning and hard work paid off.

Serving a Global Need

“The need for translation services continues to expand, and the demand for high quality is intense,” said Margaret Reid, company’s editor-in-chief and co-founder. “We knew we had to deliver that quality and guarantee speed when necessary. And we also knew that we had to offer comprehensive services, for any personal, business, legal, or scientific and technical need. It took a while to develop that kind of specialized team, but once we did, we knew we had a winning business model.”

In fact, that business model includes matching a client need with a translator that has expertise in the source language but who is a native speaker of the target language, so that accuracy and cultural nuances are guaranteed. This is obviously a winning strategy, given the early success of The Word Point.

“We are open for business 24 hours a day,” says Margaret. “And we certainly encourage anyone in need of any type of translation to get in touch with us. Just accessing our website at TheWordPoint.com will give anyone all of the information they need and allow them to complete a request order right then and there.”

Clearly, The Word Point has become a force in the translation industry. As it continues to expand its services and its reach, it seems that there is a rosy future for this company.