Giftblooms launches Same Day Balloon Delivery Services in USA

Considering the fact how much competition is in the market, Giftblooms have been rendering its best services to their loyal customers for a long time. The online portal started with an aim of providing gifts such as chocolates, flowers, gift baskets, cakes, balloon bouquets, Wine bottles, candies, cookies, and other birthday gifts delivery in USA.  With the finest quality of goods used in making, they always make sure that their customers get the top items.

Often with our busy schedule, we tend to forget important moments such as Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and all. During such times last minute gift works the best. Because of which Giftblooms started a new service to lend help during occasions. The 10 year old online gift store introduced same day balloon delivery services in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Las Vegas, St Joe’s, Atlanta, Miami and many more cities across USA. As per now they have kept the services available in USA country, in future they might go to other countries.

Giftblooms contains wide collection of balloon arrangements that suits every person. Different types of balloons such as Latex balloons, Mylar balloons, and Helium balloons are available. With same day balloon delivery – it will be sent on time at your home, office, hostel, hotel, motel and any locations across the united states of America. It ensures you that the gift will be delivered at point keeping in mind, how important the event.

Before ordering, the customer needs to convey which balloon product they want. This new service lets the customer to place the order which will be delivered in a matter of hours. Go to through desktop or using a smart phone. Our expert team will process the order within seconds, then our local delivery partners deliver to customers’ homes. The same day delivery requires your postal code, valid address and other necessities. Customers will also receive a notification when deliveries are on their way. The main criterion for same day delivery service is that you need to order something before 1: 00 PM.

Giftblooms also says that the same day shipping will be available throughout the weekend. It doesn’t come for free, but at an affordable price which will suit for everyone’s pocket. The shipping charge is $12.97.

To learn more about the service or products you can send an email at or visit the website at for queries.



When it comes to African safari in Tanzania it stands at the top preferred location with over one million tourists visiting Tanzania so far. With over 33,660 km2 of rich land and wildlife, Tanzania is an iconic destination for adventure seekers. There are many safari destinations in Tanzania with 16 national parks and 29 game reserves including places like the Serengeti National park which is one of the UNESCO sites. If you wish to observe the famous big five, which are the African elephants, white or black African rhinos, African buffaloes, African leopards and African lions then going on a safari in Tanzania is the best choice for you.

You may also get lucky and the chance to see other local wildlife such as the antelopes, hippos and wildebeests in these Tanzania wildlife safaris. Tanzania contains up to 38% of conserved land out of about 40 conservation areas in Africa. By reading this article, it will help you plan your adventure and provide tips on how to utilize efficiently  your Tanzania safari.


The first thing you must do when planning a safari is to identify your needs. Figure out where you want to go for a safari based on the experience you want to encounter. Next, find out where you stand financially between a luxury and a budget trip. Once you have identified these crucial elements, you can start planning your journey. It can be done by sketching the route yourself or contacting a safari company in Tanzania and let them handle with the hard work.

Risks of planning a Tanzanian Safari by yourself

Planning a Safari in Africa requires a lot of paperwork and preparation. Permission must be obtained to enter the parks, and accommodations inside the park must be pre-booked as well. It is not advisable to tackle this on your own unless you have prior experience in these matters as it takes a lot of time and energy. The best option is to let the pros handle it. All this paperwork and bookings will be done for you, and all you got to do then is enjoy the safari adventure. Take the easy and best option.

Average spending on a Tanzanian Safari

There are many factors in play that makes it hard to give an approximate value on how much you will spend on one of these safaris. Out of these, the group size will be the most deterministic along with the preferred accommodation type. You have a choice of high-end private safari bookings in Tanzania. You can also go for the roughing it type of lifestyle of staying in tents or sharing accommodation with other groups. You can find all kinds of bookings from bush tents to lodges ranging from tended, private all the way to luxury lodges.

The popular choice is exclusive boutique hotels which give you a mixture of managed and luxury lodges. On average, a tourist in Tanzania will spend around $ 250 per person per night. Opting for this option is the best since you get all required comforts such as comfortable beds, electricity and hot showers while experiencing the safari atmosphere and surroundings.

Identifying the best time to safari in Tanzania

The main reason for a safari is to observe the wildlife. We need to keep tabs on the best seasons for visiting, based on the migrating wildlife and number of tourists. No doubt the best time you will find to go on safari in Tanzania is from June to October when animals start migrating. The famous wildebeest migration occurs during this period, and many tourists gather over with great enthusiasm. If you want an option of fewer visitors, consider the months between April and May. Since this is the wet month, it becomes out of season for many tourists who don’t like to be inconvenienced with rain.


Many people consider the period between the months of June to October as the best time for an African safari in Tanzania because it is the dry season. There is almost no rain at all during this time. It means animals gather around water holes which make it easier for people to observe them. Having clear skies helps with the viewing and taking of ample photographs. The bonus is, there are no mosquitoes during this period. The period since January to May is also considered to be good months. From March to April and November to December is considered fair because of the rainy seasons and may be an inconvenience for inexperienced tourists.

Getting professional help for booking a Safari

When it comes to booking, it is all about timing your safari to Tanzania. According to the seasons, the price tag differs substantially. For example, the time during the great migration is a period highly demanded by visitors. The dry season is considered the best time to observe wildlife because of the large animal gatherings at water holes. At this period, the prices are high and should be booked early on, if you want to get a proper booking. Discounted prices are available in the off seasons in both accommodation and tours compared to the peak seasons. Therefore, it is your decision and up to you to make your plans because the famous Tanzania parks such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro becomes very crowded during peak seasons. It might be an inconvenience to you when trying to get some unobstructed views of wildlife.

Planning tours during the wet season requires more detailed and careful strategy. It is better to search for  professional Tanzania adventure companies for planning wet season visits. After the great migration, most of the water sources dry up in places such as the Lake Manyara national park. It is useless making a trip down to such parks because you will observe nothing. Travel companies know which parks is better to avoid during this low season and will not be a waste of money for you. Make sure you take the season into consideration when you are going on a Tanzanian safari.

Types of Safari experiences in Tanzania

There are many different Safari styles you can opt for when going on a Tanzanian safari in Africa. Each tour style is unique and provides different experiences. Let’s look at some of these styles.

Roughing it in a 4×4 safari vehicle

Going on a safari in a 4×4 with the roof off is the classic safari style we are used to and love. It is considered to be the most common way for going on wildlife safaris in Tanzania.



If you want to access remote areas in South Tanzania such as the game parks, the best option is to board an airplane. It eliminates the need to travel on rough roads and significantly reduces the time taken in travelling. You can use fly in options to access northern and southern Tanzania safari parks.

Walking Safari

It is something for the hardcore adventurers who would like up close and personal experiences with the animals and nature. An experienced ranger will act as your guide when going on these adventures. The ranger will be armed and will show you techniques such as tracking and provide detailed information about flora and fauna in the country.

Boat Safari

An excellent way to observe birds and animals in the south of Tanzania is to travel via boat. The Rivers of Rufiji and Ruaha provides great half day trips giving you excellent opportunities to photograph birds and animals. Exotic animals such as the giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and lions are some of the animals you may observe on these boating trips

Other options for an african safari in Tanzania include going on horseback and hot-air balloons. These trips are often followed up having a hearty champagne breakfast in the bush. Do not fret on organizing a trip. Finally, do research on Tanzania safari reviews and find a good agent to book your safari and to enjoy fully the adventure of a lifetime.

About Altezza Travel

Altezza Travel is a team of dedicated wildlife specialists, whose mission is to turn your Tanzanian dreams into reality. We are vastly experienced in organizing top-notch Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and wildlife safaris in Africa. Unparalleled safety standards, individual care for each guest and professional guides are the foundations of our vision. We will make your adventure a lifetime memory!

Climbing Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain of Africa –  by the bravest conquerors

Challenge yourself – the bravest conquerors of Kilimanjaro.

“’There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”

Ernest Hemingway

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the 7 highest peaks of the world, challenging the climbers with an altitude of 5895 meters (19341 ft). Climbing Kilimanjaro is increasingly becoming a dream for many enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Kilimanjaro climbing is an incredible experience and technically is not considered very difficult. Because of the proximity to the equator there are all types of high altitude zones on the mountain, which the climbers pass one after another. Thus, during the elevation you can see all the main climate zones of the Earth in barely a few hours. On the four Kilimanjaro climbing routesLemosho route, Northern Circuit, Rongai and Machame routes – almost anyone can climb without special training.

There is no officially confirmed data on tourists who conquered Kilimanjaro but nearly 60,000 climbers try to do it every year. 30 000-45 000 people reach the top every year excluding the conductors. The success rates are increasing every year due to rising awareness of the need for high-altitude acclimatization. The first thing any beginner climber needs to understand is that the shorter the time on the mountain the lower the chances of success at the top. With a five-day route only 27% of the climbers reach the peak.

There is no documented data on the number of deaths in the process of conquesting the highest peak in Africa. KINAPA does not disclose this information in order to avoid scaring off tourists, however, every year about 7 people die on the routes because of insufficient altitude acclimatization.

Among the conquerors of Kilimanjaro, there are real daredevils, record-holders of the Guinness Book of Records who defy not only grief but themselves first of all.

Angela Vorobyova

The oldest woman to climb Kilimanjaro is Angela Vorobyova, a Russian-born from Ulan-Ude (86 years old). She set a new Guinness record becoming the oldest woman to conquer the volcano Kilimanjaro. The expedition reached the summit on October 29, 2015. According to the Russian woman, while traveling you will not only discover the world but also yourself, get to realize what you are capable of and what you are worth in this life.

Fred Distelhorst

The oldest man to climb Kilimanjaro was Dr Fred Distelhorst, an 88-year-old retired orthodontist. Dr. Distelhorst chose the Rongai route and appeared to be quite insightful. The Rongai route takes rise at the northeastern slope of the mountain, close to the border with neighboring Kenya. The team of climbers left high camp at 11:38 PM on July 19, 2017, and successfully finished their conquest at 9:33 AM on July 20, 2017. The entire hike took six days.

Keats Boyd

On January 21, 2008 a 7-year-old braveheart named Keats Boyd from LA was lucky to become the youngest person on Earth to conquer Africa’s highest peak.

Roxy Getter

The youngest woman to reach the summit was Roxy Getter from Florida, U.S. She stepped on the peak in July 2017 being barely 8 years old. Roxy and her brother, as well as her entire family embraced this breathtaking adventure quite spontaneously, while enjoying their vacation in Tanzania.

Valery Rozov

On February 9, 2015 Valery Rozov – a famous Russian BASE jumper performed the first jump in history from the highest mountain in Africa – the volcano Kilimanjaro. Valery Rozov spent slightly more than 1 minute in freefall overcoming a distance of more than 3 kilometers along the horizon during his jump. From the jump point to the landing the altitude difference was more than 1500 meters.

Stephan Siegrist

Stephan Siegrist from Switzerland was the first climber in history to perform a successful highlining in the summit area of Africa’s highest mountain, setting a new world record on June 20, 2015. Reaching the summit Stephan confessed that even though he had good altitude acclimatization and perfect preparation it was difficult for him to keep his balance at such height.  

“Conquerors of Kilimanjaro”

“Conquerors of Kilimanjaro” or a women’s football team of 30 volunteers from different nationalities fulfilled their dream and set a new world record – a football match at the highest point of the African continent on June 29, 2017. The fearless footballers, the youngest of whom was 18 and the oldest 66, not only reached the summit but also played a match in extreme conditions on the field strewn with volcanic ash. The 90 minute match was conducted according to all the rules of professional football.

ABOUT Altezza Travel

Altezza Travel will be happy to help you in realizing the most amazing wildlife projects in Tanzania.

Altezza is headquartered in Tanzania, at the very foot of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which allows us to maintain high quality standards. We organize Kilimanjaro expeditions, wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Zanzibar beach holidays! Professional guides! 100% safety and reliability! No intermediaries involved!

For more information contact us:

Chassis Plans Acquired by Aeronautics LTD

Chassis Plans can now market its hardened computer systems to military, defense, commercial and industrial customers worldwide

SAN DIEGO, CA, Nov 15, 2017 – Chassis Plans ( has been acquired by Aeronautics Ltd of Israel (

Chassis Plans’ rugged and custom solutions for computer hardware and displays will provide Aeronautics with complete end to end solutions for its integrated products in the US and throughout its global operations.

“In return, this acquisition gives Chassis Plans access to Aeronautics’ global markets and to leverage their supply chain so that Chassis Plans can provide better coverage and value to its customers,” says Michael McCormack, CEO & President of Chassis Plans, “Chassis Plans will be staying in our San Diego offices and we plan on adding to our existing work force.”

Aeronautics provides innovative and ground-breaking solutions to the defense products markets through its Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) solutions. As one of the largest defense companies in Israel, Aeronautics sees its acquisition of Chassis Plans as a perfect fit to its portfolio of companies.

“The acquisition of Chassis Plans enables us to operate in the US and get combined orders from both Israel and US customers,” according to Aeronautics CEO Amos Matan. “Aeronautics plans to utilize its global marketing and sales infrastructure for the acquired company’s products, and also to expand Chassis Plans’ activity.”

About Aeronautics Ltd

Since its foundation as an Israeli hi-tech incubator and technology startup in 1997, Aeronautics has grown to become a world leader in the field of UAS-based defense and security. Among Aeronautics achievements were the first ‘pay per view’ UAS outsourcing service awarded by the IDF in 2000, fielding Mini UAS in maritime applications, the introduction of the Small Tactical UAS category with Orbiter 3 in 2009, and the conversion of general aviation aircraft (DA42) into a Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone in 2011.

About Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans is a design and manufacturer of computers, LCD displays, storage arrays that are designed and assembled in the USA for Military and Industrial applications. Chassis Plans was founded by Dave Lippencott in 1997 and has been at the forefront of Rugged and Custom Computer and LCD technology serving the DoD and Industrial markets. Chassis Plans will continue to support its customers under the Chassis Plans name and offering widening solutions in the future.

For further information, visit the Chassis Plans website at or call 800.787.4913 or email

Media Contact

Mark Shapiro
+ 1 619 249 7742

Helen Doron Educational Franchising

The Helen Doron revolutionary method of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) developed over three decades ago. It certainly changed the way toddlers and teenagers learned the English language. It changed many perceptions and the Helen Doron Educational Franchise is now a major franchise in more than 35 countries.

What does it mean to be a Helen Doron Franchise?

By joining the Helen Doron Franchise, it means that you greatly reduce any risks associated with a startup. Educational franchising is not only about becoming part of an organization that has succeeded in building a great business. It is more about becoming part of a community that is determined and has a genuine passion to educate children. The community aims to equip the children with excellent English language skills that allow them to join the global market on a level playing field.

Tested and Tried Programs

The Helen Doron group over the years has tested and tried programs that have withstood the test of time. The courses are very age appropriate, ranging from babies to teenagers. The courses premise on proven methods, with stories, music, and animations that are all creatively original. Since Helen Doron is a linguistic scientist, the courses must be in line with a child’s developmental need to engage and learn.

When you become a Master Franchisor, you can use your entrepreneur skills to build a learning network and to build a solid network of Learning Centers. You also have the opportunity to create a network of Learning Studios and self- employment for teachers. Once you make your Learning Center a gold standard, you raise the bar and you know the effort it takes to be a success and to assist other franchisors in succeeding.


There are numerous advantages linked to being an educational franchisor. There is a definite assurance of a good support network that offers professional guidance. The marketing advantages are numerous:

  • Helen Doron aims to achieve educational excellence and to make children’s’ lives better by becoming part of a global revolution to learn English.
  • There is very little risk involved here. Highly experienced business people interested in your success guide all the franchises from the word go.
  • A respected name in the education circles means you gain a strong foothold in the market.
  • Training from experts means the courses give you a high standard of administrative, organizational and pedagogic knowledge.
  • Helen Doron provides various assistance and management services that ensure you do not waste any resources while you learn the ropes as a beginner.
  • You have the unique opportunity to get assistance in the definition of investment and marketing goals, up until you achieve your desired goals.
  • The advertising fund gives you promotional aid for any advertising and marketing needs.



With more than 30 years of experience in teaching EFL to children and teenagers alike, the Helen Doron group is an expert in the knowledge of the intricacies behind launching a business and nurturing it to maturity. The team of experts guides every franchisor to be the best they can be, and help them lift other franchisors to greatness and success.


افضل فنادق دبي

أن كنت تبحث عن افضل فنادق في دبي فأنصحك قبل كل شيء أن تتعرف على أهم مميزات هذه الفنادق

والمميزات التي تقدمها لك في مقابل ما تدفعه فليس جميع فنادق الخمس نجوم ممتازه وسوف تكون لها خدمات

مميزه فبعض هذه الفنادق قد تجعل رحلتك سيئه جداً.

هناك الكثير من الفنادق المتنوعه في مدينة دبي فكأنك تبحث عن أبرة في كومة قش ولهذا نقدم لك موقعنا لنختار

لك أفضل هذه الفنادق ومراجعة كامل لجميع الفنادق الكبيرة و الصغيره والتي نعطيك أفضل أسعارها مع خصومات

كبيرة جداُ قد تصل إلى 50% بالمائة من السعر الأصلي عندما تحجز بمفردك.

فنادق دبي

جميع المراجعات التي نضعها هي مقتبسة بشكل كامل من نزلاء هذه الفنادق وكيف كانت تجربتهم الطويله والخدمات

التي حصلو عليها في المقابل في هذه الفنادق وهل كانت فعلاً جيدة كما يدعون أم الأمر مختلف قليلاً في هذه الفنادق

نحن نضع لك أفضل هذه الفنادق مثل فندق القصر دبي المتواجد في مدينة دبي جميرا بيتش.

والكثير من المراجعات التي نضعها لك لتستمتع برحلتك التالية إلى مدينة دبي لذلك هل انت مستعد

تفضل بزيارة موقعنا الذي يحتوي على مراجعات كبيرة لهذه الفنادق الفخمه في مدينة دبي.

افضل فنادق دبي

Advantages of using an HTML email signature

What is HTML?

HTML is a mark-up language that is used by all the world’s internet browsers as well as email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail. HTML is the language that is used when making websites, but it can also be used to make email signatures.

Why Should I Use HTML in Email Signatures?

Without using HTML in email signatures, you cannot style it correctly by using tables, rows, column, ordered items and much more. Basically, if you use a pain text email signature, you will not be able to create one that looks really good, and you also won’t be able to insert marketing material into your email signature.

How Do I Make an Email Signature?

Email Signatures can be very difficult to create, especially ones that have complex HTML. In order to make a good looking email signature, you need in-depth knowledge of HTML. Making an email signature look good in a web browser is fairly straight forward, as web browsers render HTML correctly and don’t change any formatting. However, when it comes to email clients, they are known to change HTML and formatting in an email signature (sometimes severely) so it won’t look as good when it is sent to a recipient.

Like everything, there are ways around this, such as implementing tricks into your HTML code in order to fool the HTML rendering engine of the email program so it displays correctly in most email clients.

The easiest way to create an HTML email signature is to use an email signature generator such as ZippySig.

ZippySig will help you create the perfect email signature for your whole team in just seconds. With plenty of templates to choose from and heaps of styling options, the design work is already done for you. Once you have created the template that you want to use for your whole company, simply duplicate the signature and create the rest of them using the exact same style.

Some features of ZippySig are:

Quick Signature Creation

Ability to duplicate signatures

Easy Navigation throughout the editor

7-Day Free Trial

Send Email Signatures directly to your staff from the dashboard

Can I Code the HTML Email Signature Myself?

You can definitely create the email signature in HTML yourself. There are many people out there that know how to code in HTML that make email signatures every day. If you don’t know HTML, try to get some help with it, as it can get very complex. If you want to try it yourself, there are many email signature examples and templates around that can help you get started and come with some basic instructions.

Problems with HTML Email Signatures

If an email signature is not created in the right way, with all the tables, rows and columns coded correctly, it can show up as broken when it gets to the recipients mailbox. There are many examples of badly coded email signatures, and what they can look like, just do a search and have a look. For example, if you have 2 images in an email signature when sending to Gmail, then Gmail will automatically put a space in between the 2 images. There are many things like these which you must be mindful of when creating HTML email signatures.


Kaltra reveals the new UltraCompact II product line

November 9th, 2017 – As a part of its long-term product development roadmap, Kaltra Innovativtechnik introduces the next generation of its UltraCompact product line. This series covers the cooling duty range between 50 and 300kW with the capacity steps of 25kW and provides total or partial heat recovery in a compact machine design and suited for air-cooled applications across many industries.

Powered by scroll compressors, the units deliver best-in-class energy efficiency with average EER of 3.17 thank to innovations in heat exchanging technology deployed by Kaltra.

Kaltra has deployed a number of innovations, including advanced microchannel condensers which help to cut down the condensing temperatures, and brazed all-aluminium corrugated plate evaporators that enable higher evaporation temperatures. The synergy effect promotes significantly higher overall efficiency with EER of up to 3.29.

Additionally, the new UltraCompact II lineup includes a solution for direct evaporative cooling with pads and integrated water distribution system. Kaltra collaborates with many customers located in hot climate zones, and the new evaporative water cooling solution will provide them significant savings.

The evaporative media are made of non-organic aluminum fins with an anticorrosion coating. The fin technology is a combination of a special finned structure and water-retaining coating, designed to keep pressure drop at the minimum while delivering evaporation efficiencies that exceed 90%. Depending on ambient temperature and air velocity, evaporative pre-cooling allows reducing the condenser entering air temperature for up to 10°C at the humidity of 50%. Equipping UltraCompact II chillers with evaporative pads results in significant electricity savings of up to 30% and even higher.

Evaporative cooling system can be equipped with pumping station which integrates circulator pump and water monitoring and treatment appliance for water reuse. The system constantly monitors water quality and tops up evaporative pre-cooling circuit only when it is necessary, thus allowing to save water. Evaporative system is designed to use unpurified water.

New chillers are designed for easy maintenance: all side panels are removable to access the components of refrigerant and water circuits; evaporative pads can also be detached for cleaning and accessing the condenser coils.

The UltraCompact II series chillers are also available with an integrated heat recovery, total or partial.

The next generation UltraCompact II chillers will be produced at the new Kaltra factory in Slovenia.

In 2018, Kaltra is planning to extend UltraCompact II range with free cooling models which, in synergy with evaporative pads option, offer great free cooling opportunities and excellent seasonal efficiency. Free cooling system will be based on microchannel heat exchangers with low airside pressure drop.


About Kaltra

Kaltra is a provider of innovative cooling technologies and advanced cooling products for mission-critical applications, such as data centers, cleanrooms, contaminant-free areas, processing plants, and other facilities where the reliability and energy efficiency are key factors. Kaltra’s cooling equipment range includes precision cooling systems, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, evaporative cooling solutions, dry coolers, and condensers.
For more information on Kaltra and its products call +49 911 715-32021 or visit

Acne Scar Removal With Fotona Laser

Acne scar laser treatment is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of treating acne scars. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It occurs during puberty and is caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands leading to the defeat of sweat glands. Today, cosmetologists believe that the acne scars can occur at any age both in men and women.

Traditional methods of acne scar treatment include various diets, antibiotics, application of antiseptics and even the excision of scars. However, experience shows that these methods do not give a lasting positive result.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Acne Scar Removal?

You should resort to acne scar laser treatment in the following cases:

  • If you have greasy gloss on your face and recurrent rashes
  • If you have blackheads
  • If you have constant inflammations, abscesses, and puffiness
  • An increased activity of sebaceous glands

How Does Laser Acne Treatment Work?

Cosmetic agents and antibiotics cannot completely treat acne. This is possible only with laser treatment for acne, with which you can achieve a unique cosmetic and therapeutic effect in dealing with this problem through emission of substantial amounts of heat. The surface of the skin is not injured with laser , rather it is absorbed by skin’s deep layers. The effects are visible right after the first procedure. Acne scar treatment with laser is effective for all forms of acne. It is safe and does not damage the skin. The reason why  laser treatment of acne scars became so popular is that it aims to accomplish 3 goals

  1. Treat active acne carries out preventive procedures
  2. Sterilize the skin,
  3. Treat post-acne scars.

What Does It Feel Like?

During the procedure, the laser beam penetrates deeply into the skin and kills the pathogenic bacteria that cause inflammation. Both, patient and the Doctor wear special glasses that protect their eyes from accidental exposure of a laser beam. Perfect57- a premium Manhattan MedSpa uses the Fotona laser family when dealing with acne and acne scars. Laser  goes through inflamed cells with brief impulses and brings the tissues to a critical temperature to destroy bacteria inside. During the procedure, you may feel a slight burning sensation but the process is absolutely painless. After the procedure, your skin will look sunburned and swollen but inflammation gradually disappears.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Acne Laser Treatment ?

Most of the people love laser treatment as it is a safe, painlessness, and extremely potent treatment. The procedure is well tolerated by human body  and does not require an extensive recovery period or routine.

So, the main advantages of this method of treatment include

Cessation of the clogging of pores and acne

New collagen formation

Sterility of a process

Speed, safety, and reliability of the results

Short recovery period

Another benefit of  fotona laser treatment is that it excludes a chance of infection or the appearance of post treatment marks since the laser beam gently and delicately affects the skin without touching it. Just a few sessions allow you to get rid of deep acne scars forever.

Adageo Energy Partners LP Securities Investigation

The White Law Group announces a securities investigation involving Adageo Energy Partners LP

The White Law Group, LLC is investigating the liability brokerage firms may have for recommending Adageo Energy Partners LP to investors.

Adageo Energy is an independent oil and gas company that focuses on identification, acquisition, drilling, development and operation of oil and gas properties as well as the construction and operation of natural gas pipelines

The White Law Group has handled a number of claims involving Adageo Energy. In those claims, the firm has alleged, among other things, that the Adageo Energy investments were (1) high-risk and unsuitable for our clients given their financial situation, needs and investment objectives, (2) that the risks of the investment were not fully disclosed to them, and (3) that the brokerage firms that sold the investments failed to conduct the proper due diligence with respect to the Adageo Energy investments.

Unfortunately, some brokers may have downplayed the risks associated with these limited partnerships. They have misled investors into thinking that they are “safe” investment products.

The high sales commission brokers earned for selling such products may provide some brokers with enough incentive to push the product to unsuspecting investors. Your typical stock or mutual fund offers 1%-2% commission. Upon information and belief, the commission for Adageo Energy Partners LP is 10%.

If a broker misleads a client or makes unsuitable investment recommendations they can be liable for investment losses.

“In light of the decline in the overall health of the oil and gas market, many oil and gas LPs are suffering and some are on the brink of default, or worse yet, bankruptcy,” says D. Daxton White, Managing Partner of The White Law Group.  “While such an outcome is extreme, it is not unforeseen and only highlights the unsuitability of these investments for most retail investors – particularly in large concentrations.”

To determine whether you may be able to recover investment losses incurred as a result of your purchase of Adageo Energy Partners LP, please contact The White Law Group at 1-888-637-5510.

The White Law Group, LLC is a national securities fraud, securities arbitration, investor protection, and securities regulation/compliance law firm. The firm has offices in Chicago, Illinois and Vero Beach, Florida.

For more information on The White Law Group, please visit our website at