ALine, Inc. and Triple Ring Technologies Form a Strategic Partnership

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ALine and Triple Ring Technologies (TRT) announce a strategic partnership to support clients developing diagnostic products in which a microfluidic consumable is supported with instrument automation. Triple Ring excels at collaborating across disciplines, and combines deep domain expertise with enabling technologies to deliver product solutions for its clients. ALine brings both scientific and engineering expertise to the design and development of microfluidics, offering integrated fluidic solutions that easily scale for volume production. By working together, both ALine and TRT can better support the complex systems integration issues required to develop robust products for the ever-growing diagnostics market.

TRT is a technology-driven product development company that provides outsourced science and engineering services for clients large and small. Dr. Leanna Levine, President of ALine, commented, “We are pleased to be working with a world-class organization that has a track record of successfully nurturing start-ups as well as adding value to the product pipelines of large medical device and life sciences companies. We enjoy the professionalism of the Triple Ring team, and the opportunity to be engaged with exciting and innovative product opportunities.”

ALine’s unique blend of engineering know-how, scientific acumen, and rapid prototyping enables a development program to move quickly through the design build test cycle, optimizing the device, assay, and instrument interface together. “We really like ALine’s approach to microfluidic development, and the many ‘off the shelf’ fluidic solutions that we can integrate into our clients’ product design. Their manufacturing capability will allow us to scale quickly to meet our clients’ demanding ramp schedules,” commented Dr. Joe Heanue, CEO of Triple Ring Technologies.

About ALine – Located in Los Angeles County, ALine specializes in the design and development of microfluidic consumables with applications in diagnostics and life sciences. The company offers scientific and engineering expertise, solving tough integration requirements for microfluidics-based products. We support clients from early development through scale up and product launch with our strategic manufacturing partners. ISO9001:2008 certified.

About Triple Ring Technologies – Located in Silicon Valley, Triple Ring Technologies is a leading research and development firm that, together with our clients, solves critical, often complex technical challenges. We work across the development process in medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, life science tools, and imaging systems.