SweetLeaf announced as first Founding Member of Sugarwise Alliance

The world's most trusted stevia brand has been announced as the first Founding Partner of Sugarwise.

PASADENA, Calif., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SweetLeaf belongs to the parent group Wisdom Natural Brands, founded by James A. May, known around the world as the 'Father of Stevia'. He realized the potential for a better-for- you sugar substitute with the sweet stevia leaves, and in 1982, Mr. May introduced stevia to the US for the first time.

SweetLeaf is the best-selling stevia brand in the natural food marketplace; a zero-calorie, zero-carb, no sugar, non-glycaemic response sweetener made from sustainably sourced plants with 30 times the sweetening power of sugar.

Sugarwise's Chief Scientist, Vinicius Ferreira explains: "One of the main challenges of reformulation is recreating the sweetness profile of high-sugar foods with low-calorie alternatives. SweetLeaf is hitting this challenge out of the park with its impressively wide range of products that are helping manufacturers and individuals create great-tasting, Sugarwise recipes."

The first Sugarwise accredited recipe book "Sugar Free" will be available on shelf and online mid-July. It will feature some of the SweetLeaf products that will be certified sugar-free by Sugarwise, and carry the coveted Sugarwise marque.

Sugarwise fully supports the use of calorie-free, sugar-free, carb-free SweetLeaf stevia to reduce sugar intake and regulate weight. SweetLeaf is the first brand to be invited to enter into the Sugarwise Founding Partnership, an alliance which will be made up of no more than 12 members. Only one other invitation has so far been extended, to a Californian company.

Rend Platings, founder of Sugarwise, comments: 'I'm delighted that Sugarwise and SweetLeaf are partnering to advocate like-for-like swaps in the strategy to combat obesity. You don't have to deny your sweet tooth to stay healthy – SweetLeaf means you can enjoy sweet-tasting foods and drinks, absolutely guilt-free!' 

Brian Hall, Global Brand Manager of SweetLeaf® adds, 'We are thrilled to support the Sugarwise mission. Sugarwise is one of the most trusted sources for nutrition information on free sugar, backed by a scientific approach. We feel honoured to meet their standards and share in this important cause affecting billions of people around the world.'

SweetLeaf and Sugarwise will be exhibiting together at the upcoming Eat Smart Show in London Olympia on the 7th-9th July. Sugarwise's next Founding Members will be announced at upcoming Parliamentary Summits in the UK and EU in September.

SOURCE Sugarwise