United Kingdom Proton Therapy Industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 82% in future

Detailed analysis of the United Kingdom Proton Therapy Market helps to understand the various types of Proton Therapy products that are currently in use, along with the variants that would gain prominence in the future.

United Kingdom (UK) Proton Therapy Market, Reimbursement Policy, Patients Treated at Proton Facility & Forecast is a research study published Renub Research. UK Proton Therapy Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 82% in future. United Kingdom Proton Therapy Market is expected to grow 10 times from its current market in 2016. Currently UK has only one Proton Therapy facility, at Clatterbridge cancer center and it’s a ‘low-energy’ machine, only suitable for treating people with rare eye cancers. Treating more complex cancers requires a ‘high-energy’ beam, so the NHS covers the cost of sending patients for treatment overseas (in the US or Switzerland) when there’s clear evidence that proton beam therapy is the best option. However this scenario is expected to make a drastic change in the next few years as United Kingdom will have at least 6 Proton Therapy Centers.

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The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth of Proton Therapy Market. In this report we have studied the market in two parts a) Actual Market and b) Untapped Market. The report also talks about list of all Operational and about to be opened Proton Therapy Facility; Proton Therapy Reimbursement Policies in United Kingdom. Proton Therapy revenues from 3 companies (IBA, Varian Medical Systems, Elekta) has also been studied in the report.
a) Actual Market is the current market which is already present
b) Untapped Market is the market which can be achieved; but it has yet not been achieved due to demand and supply gap. At present only a few proton therapy centers are available that can treat a limited number of patients each year.

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United Kingdom Proton Therapy Market has been analyzed from four view points
UK Proton Therapy Actual Market & Forecast (2009 – 2021)
UK Proton Therapy Untapped Market & Forecast (2009 – 2021)
UK Proton Therapy Treated Patient Numbers & Forecast (2009 – 2021)
UK Proton Therapy Untapped Patient Numbers & Forecast (2009 – 2021)

Key Companies Covered
1. IBA (Overview, Sales Analysis)
2. Varian Medical Systems (Overview, Sales Analysis)
3. Elekta (Overview, Sales Analysis)

Points From Table of Contents:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. United Kingdom Proton Therapy Market – Actual & Untapped Market
    2.1 United Kingdom – Proton Therapy Market
    2.2 United Kingdom – Untapped Proton Therapy Market
  3. United Kingdom Proton Therapy Patient Number – Actual and Untapped
    3.1 United Kingdom – Patients Treated with Proton Therapy Actual Numbers & Forecast
    3.2 United Kingdom – Patients with Proton Therapy Untapped Numbers & Forecast
  4. United Kingdom – List of Proton Therapy Centers
  5. United Kingdom – Proton Therapy Treated Patients by Centers
    5.1 Clatterbridge Proton Therapy Center
  6. Proton Therapy – Reimbursement Policies
    6.1 Proton Therapy Reimbursement Policies for Patients
    6.2 Proton Therapy Reimbursement for Institutions, Stakeholders and Manufacturers
  7. Components of a Standard Proton Therapy Center
    7.1 Proton Accelerator
    7.1.1 Synchrotrons (example: LLUMC at Loma Linda)
    7.1.2 Cyclotrons (example: MGH Boston)
    7.1.3 Synchrocyclotrons (examples: Orsay, Uppsala)
    7.1.4 Linacs (Rome)
    7.1.5 H-minus Synchrotrons
    7.1.6 Separated Sector Cyclotrons
    7.1.7 Super-conducting Cyclotrons
    7.1.8 Fast Cycling Synchrotron
    7.2 Beam Transport System
    7.3 Beam Delivery System
    7.3.1 The Passive Scattering Technique
    7.3.2 Beam Scanning
    7.4 Nozzle
    7.4.1 Single Scattering
    7.4.2 Double Scattering
    7.4.3 Uniform Scanning Nozzle
    7.4.4 Pencil Scanning Nozzle
    7.5 Treatment Planning System
    7.6 Image Viewers
    7.7 Patient Positioning System (PPS)
    7.8 Human Resource
  8. Global Proton Therapy – Company Analysis (2010-2021)
    8.1 IBA Proton Therapy
    8.1.1 Overview
    8.1.2 Sales Analysis
    8.2 Varian Medical Systems
    8.2.1 Overview
    8.2.2 Sales Analysis
    8.3 Elekta
    8.3.1 Overview
    8.3.2 Sales Analysis

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Key Questions Answered in the Report?
What is the Proton Therapy Market in United Kingdom & its growth potential in Future?
What is the untapped market in United Kingdom Proton Therapy and its Future?
How many Proton Therapy Facilities are operating in United Kingdom?
How many Proton Therapy Facilities are going to open in near Future?
What is the number of people being treated in these Proton Therapy Centers yearly?
Is Proton Therapy Treatment being covered in the Reimbursement policy of United Kingdom?
What are the sales of Proton Therapy Companies Globally (IBA, Varian, Elekta)?

Companies Mentioned:
1. IBA (Overview, Sales Analysis)
2. Varian Medical Systems (Overview, Sales Analysis)
3. Elekta (Overview, Sales Analysis)

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