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Nurse Practitioner Independence May Come to Texas
Bill Hopkins
Health Care Attorney
Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP in Austin
A bill in the Texas House seeks to end regulations that require nurse practitioners to contract with doctors in order to treat and write prescriptions. Similar regulations have been rolled back in other states, with no evidence of increased safety issues. In fact, he says, in some studies, nurse practitioner safety has ranked as high as or higher than doctor care. Says Hopkins: “For many years, NPs have argued that their knowledge, ability and training were more than sufficient to allow them to practice independently, care for patients and ensure safety. The justification for charging NPs for this ‘supervision’ traditionally has been that it is a necessary cost to ensure patient safety. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, there are more people with insurance than ever before and access has become a primary concern. With the safety argument becoming less relevant and calls for better access getting louder, it looks like this may be the time for NPs to finally get the independence that they have sought.”
Contact: Rhonda Reddick,

Fasting-Mimicking Diets
Valter Longo
Chairman and Founder, L-Nutra
Director, USC Longevity Institute
“Fasting done periodically is a very powerful and natural way to help the body first recover from the incremental damages inflicted by an unhealthy lifestyle and then to rejuvenate the body’s cells and systems. Fasting-mimicking diets can enable people to live longer, healthier lives.”
Based in Los Angeles, Longo can discuss treating aging and reducing risk factors for age-related diseases. He can also discuss the results of a recent USC study published in the Science Translational Medicine called “Fasting‐Mimicking Diet and Risk Factors for Aging, Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease.” Longo is fluent in Italian.
Contact: Danielle

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Flying
Glenn Mitchell, MPH, FACEP, M.D.
Professor of Healthcare Informatics
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Want to avoid getting sick when flying? Then sit by the window or don’t help pass other passengers’ trays or cups to and from the flight attendant. Says Mitchell: “Modern commercial aircraft have effective cabin air recirculation and HEPA filtration systems, and air flows effectively from ceiling height vents to the cabin floor under the window seats. This limits your exposure to most airborne viruses to seatmates on your side of the aisle and perhaps to passengers in the row in front of and behind you. But the infection prevention effects of cabin airflow are easily subverted by individual passenger behavior. No amount of air exchanges and filters can protect against open-mouthed coughing and lack of washing of contaminated hands. Simple measures — such as seatmates using a handkerchief or tissue, and washing or sanitizing your hands frequently and prior to eating — will reduce disease transmission risk significantly. Handling used eating and drinking materials from other passengers in the row during cabin cleanup is the most obvious and preventable source of contamination if your hands are not immediately sanitized afterwards.”
Dr. Mitchell is past president of the Aerospace Medical Association.
Contact: Steve Infanti,

Louis Vuitton Missed Joke From Parody Handbag Maker
Chris Schwegmann
Intellectual Property Attorney
Lynn Pinker Cox Hurst in Dallas
Louis Vuitton’s trademark infringement suit against My Other Bag over an inexpensive canvas tote bag was tossed out of court when the judge said it was clear the parody bag wasn’t a typical knockoff copy. Says Schwegmann: “This case is very different from most counterfeit litigation. Just by looking at them, the products sold by My Other Bag are clearly not Louis Vuitton bags. That is part of the joke. This is lawsuit is a cautionary tale that trademark holders need to pick and choose their targets carefully. Sometimes by suing, you bring more attention to the alleged infringer, and in this case, it seems that Louis Vuitton is the butt of the joke. There are several examples of trademark holders sending silly cease and desist letters, only to have the action backfire on them in a very public way.”
Contact: Holly Scimeca,



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