Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 03:01 PM
Artur Slesik

The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) filed comments in response to a proposal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to update and streamline the licensing rules and regulations for communications satellites contained in Part 25 of the FCC’s rules. Part 25 encompasses rules for all types of communications satellites, including those used for fixed and mobile voice and data services, broadcast television, and internet and broadband services, as well as satellite terminals, control stations, voice handsets, and fixed and mobile earth stations.



SIA strongly supports the FCC’s initiative to update the Part 25 regulations and processes, which have a major impact on SIA’s members. SIA’s filing contained detailed comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, as well additional proposed changes to the draft rules. SIA’s comments were aimed both at improving the efficacy of the rules, and also to updating the rules to reflect the considerable ongoing evolution in satellite technology and services. “SIA’s members appreciate and support the enormous effort by the FCC staff to overhaul the Part 25 regulations,” said Patricia Cooper, the President of SIA. “Updating the rules and regulations for licensing will result in cost savings and efficiencies for the Commission and satellite companies alike, ultimately helping the satellite sector to deliver cost-effective, advanced communications services to consumers, businesses and governments across the world.”


About The Satellite Industry Association


SIA is a U.S.-based trade association providing worldwide representation of the leading satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, and ground equipment suppliers. Since its creation more than fifteen years ago, SIA advocates for the unified voice of the U.S. satellite industry on policy, regulatory, and legislative issues affecting the satellite business.

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