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Thuraya Telecommunications Company has launched IP Commander

Monday, September 1, 2014 @ 06:09 PM

Thuraya Telecommunications Company has launched IP Commander, the satellite terminal with a MIL-SPEC feature set that has been engineered to enable mission-critical voice and data connectivity in the most extreme conditions.

IP Commander is ideal for military and civil defense applications, facilitating vital communications at high speeds, essential for C4ISR, blue-force tracking, logistic management and tactical command. It enables reliable real-time two-way communications for effective communications between HQ command and deployed units.

IP Commander is easily integrated with Thuraya-certified solutions related to video surveillance, video conferencing and TETRA over IP. It also enables connectivity and interoperability over a wide range of communication platforms, providing network access, email/file transfer as well as supporting secure communications using government-approved IP encryption devices.

Key features:

Simple, quick and easy-to-install
Data and voice connectivity can be achieved within minutes
Reliable access across Thuraya’s satellite network
Rugged voice handset for clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity
IP data speeds of up to 444kbps, streaming IP speeds of up to 384kbps
User definable asymmetric streaming

For more information about Thuraya IP Commander, please send us an enquiry

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Iridium GO! is now available for purchase

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 @ 04:07 PM
Iridium GO

Iridium GO

Iridium announced availability of first truly global mobile satellite hotspot. The new Iridium GO! connects to smartphones and tablets by creating a satellite-based Wi-Fi zone. This first of its kind product is also the lowest cost device and service offering that Iridium has ever made, making global connectivity more affordable than ever.

Iridium GO! is well suited for uses ranging from adventure travelers to remote, off-the-grid workers in industries like aviation and maritime. Supporting a variety of specialty applications – such as customizable global weather forecasts and enterprise applications that can track vehicles and vessels globally – Iridium GO! is unlike any other device available.

Iridium GO! is now available for purchase through TS2 Satellite:

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Thuraya Introduces Atlas IP

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 @ 03:06 PM

Thuraya Atlas IP is the second maritime-specific product launched by Thuraya in 2014, designed to complement the Thuraya Orion IP broadband terminal by offering a fully-featured voice and data product with additional functionality built in.

Thuraya Atlas IP is specifically designed to deliver added value to end-users seeking enhanced connectivity and greater operational efficiency on board ships. It provides merchant maritime, fishing, government and leisure users with a purpose-designed, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal that supports voice and broadband IP data connectivity at speeds of up to 444kbps.

Thuraya Atlas IP features improved power efficiency, a smaller form factor and greater versatility than rival maritime broadband products. The terminal features a single cable connection to the stabilized antenna, direct bulkhead mounting and built-in Wi-Fi.

It also includes a range of features designed to support improved communications functionality and enhance shipboard operations. These include port forwarding, which can automatically transfer data from shipboard equipment and devices in support of M2M reporting routines, an English/Chinese web interface, a built-in firewall, continuous GPS output and the ability to limit data sessions by time or volume.

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